November Birthdays

November Birthdays
By R.S. McDonald
A Valentine’s night, put rockets in flight,
for your parents so long ago.
It’s hard to remember, but now it’s November,
And now their faces are all aglow!
Pulled from the womb by a doctor’s cold grasp,
You entered this world with a startled gasp!
That chill air hit your skin, and you seriously wanted to go back again!
 As a November child, it’s autumn all told,
surrounded by oranges, yellows and golds.
The leaves are falling and fill the air.
They fill the gutters, swimming pool and chairs!
They cover the lawn, garden and grates.
Then Dad smiles and hands you a rake!
You share your birthday with strong leaders of sorts,
Will Rogers who made us laugh and snort.
Daniel Boone was a hero, and Billy the Kid was the worst.
While Walter Cronkite was America’s most trusted journalist.
On 11/11 the US honors its Vets.
Who are above all, our best patriots.
What the Pilgrims started, they fight to protect,
with firm resolve and their faces set.
With thankful hearts we celebrate our freedom,
Then lose ourselves in Black Friday mayhem!
Happy Birthday to you born in November,
A month full of blessings and events to remember.
 We’ll light your candles on your cake, while we trim our turkey
and get the pies baked.
It’s a rich month overall, it’s true.
But we are much richer celebrating you!
Happy Birthday!

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