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September Birthdays – A Poem

September Birthdays
By R.S. McDonald
“It’s Labor Day!” You’re mother pronounced,
“Pack your bags, I want this child out!”
She had labored through summer, enduring the heat,
And now her reward – her child to meet!
A September birthday is great, it’s true,
With B-B-Q’s, corn-hole and picnics too!
A state fair might be your ticket for fun,
With carnival rides and every food under the sun!
But school’s back now and in full swing,
You get a class party and classmates to sing.
 If your German, September’s the best,
for this is the month of Oktoberfest!
So bring on the polka, brats and beer,
And for hot apple strudel we give a loud cheer!
And if it’s your birthday even by chance,
We’ll make you do the chicken dance!
If your a farmer, its time to reap,
The wheat and barley and corn to keep.
The season is changing: a chill is in the air,
The fall flowers are blooming with fresh color and flair.
Southern migration September brings,
With hummingbirds and butterflies to Mexico wing.
We love fall with all its gain,
But brace yourselves for the hurricanes!
Dorian and Ivan have pounded our shores,
But we hunkered down and rebuild once more.
For the change of season can be explosive,
With violent storms on land or in the ocean.
But we count our blessings overall,
Because now it’s time for American football!
Whether you like college or pro, just pick your team, it’s time to go!
And high school games on a Friday night, bring out the fans to cheer on the fight! The cheerleaders jump and flip and leap, while the band keeps step to the drummer’s beat.
So happy birthday to you born in the first month of fall!
We’ll polka with you and raise our mugs tall.
We’ll sing your song both loud and hardy, while we eat buffalo wings at the tailgate party! Football and fans are fun it’s true, but nothing is better than celebrating you!
Happy Birthday!

November Birthdays

November Birthdays
By R.S. McDonald
A Valentine’s night, put rockets in flight,
for your parents so long ago.
It’s hard to remember, but now it’s November,
And now their faces are all aglow!
Pulled from the womb by a doctor’s cold grasp,
You entered this world with a startled gasp!
That chill air hit your skin, and you seriously wanted to go back again!
 As a November child, it’s autumn all told,
surrounded by oranges, yellows and golds.
The leaves are falling and fill the air.
They fill the gutters, swimming pool and chairs!
They cover the lawn, garden and grates.
Then Dad smiles and hands you a rake!
You share your birthday with strong leaders of sorts,
Will Rogers who made us laugh and snort.
Daniel Boone was a hero, and Billy the Kid was the worst.
While Walter Cronkite was America’s most trusted journalist.
On 11/11 the US honors its Vets.
Who are above all, our best patriots.
What the Pilgrims started, they fight to protect,
with firm resolve and their faces set.
With thankful hearts we celebrate our freedom,
Then lose ourselves in Black Friday mayhem!
Happy Birthday to you born in November,
A month full of blessings and events to remember.
 We’ll light your candles on your cake, while we trim our turkey
and get the pies baked.
It’s a rich month overall, it’s true.
But we are much richer celebrating you!
Happy Birthday!

December Birthdays

December Birthdays
By R.S. McDonald
A March Wind blew and Spring fever brewed,
Between your parents that stormy night.
Now its December, a month to remember
How you made their season bright!
“What Child is This?” the choir sang
As you played the star role in the manger scene!
And “Oh Holy Night!” were not the words I fear,
That your mother uttered as you screamed 3am tears!
 As a Christmas child you are surrounded by cheer,
As winter activities kick into high gear.
You might build a snowman to celebrate your date,
Or race your friends across a frozen lake!
A slumber party might be your thing, with hot chili, pillow fights
And ghost story themes.
December birthdays run on imagination, you see,
With Jane Asten, Beethoven and even Walt Disney!
They lived to create, they wanted something more,
Inspired this month by a Child adored.
The closer your birthday is to Christmas, it’s true,
The more your gifts are wrapped in tinsel and tissue!
A December child LOVES a birthday cake, with birthday paper,
And birthday plates!
No elf on a shelf or Hanukkah dreidel.
Only birthday gifts on the birthday table!
So happy birthday to you born in month number twelve,
We’ll toast our egg nog and toss up our elves,!
To celebrate you the last but not least,
To finish our year in joy, and happy birthday peace!
Happy Birthday!

March Birthdays – A Poem

March Birthdays
Another wedding day in June,
And that brought about the honeymoon!
Ah, the happiest couple you ever did see,
But along came you and made them three!

March! March! March!
A March baby here you come,
Singing your tunes and playing your drums.
You wave goodbye to the winter blues,
And hope the Groundhog spoke the truth!

With a birthday in March,
You hold onto your hat
Cuz’ the wind of rain might knock you flat!
Maybe it’s cold, maybe it’s hot!
Maybe it’s Easter, or maybe it’s not!
Maybe it’s raining, maybe it’s snow,
Just keep your coat and sunscreen ready to go!

It’s in like a lion and out like a lamb.
This month of transition is hard to slam.
First we can party in Mardi Gras style,
With beads and King cake to bring out a smile!
Then shamrocks and leprechauns and Irish pluck,
Bring us green beer, parades and plenty of luck!

Pisces and Aries, this is your month.
Check the weather daily,
Or birthday plans could be sunk!

We love this month of parties to be sure,
And with your birthday too,
We’ll party some more!
Just don’t Spring Forward and lose an hour,
Pick another day for the birthday shower!

So happy birthday to you,
Born in month number three!
The Irish and Catholics have to share, you see.
We love parades and raising our toasts,
But celebrating you is what we love the most!
by – R.S. McDonald

February Birthdays – A Poem

February Birthdays
Your parents had a hay day
Sometime close to May Day
And so you arrived in the month of love.

Chocolate and roses, cards and propose-ez,
Make you all warm right down to your toes-ez.

But February breezes, could cause you to sneeze-ez,
So sweaters and boots make up your birthday suit!

All you February babies
Be proud as you can be,
For you stand straight and tall with the Presidents, you see.

George, Abe and Reagan,
Kept Old Glory from fadin’.
So be proud you sit in the shade of these fellows,
But maybe it’s just the Groundhog casting his shadow!

But a February date, you must be quick to stake!
For every fourth year, a leap you must make.
But what a happy child at 4 and 8,
When the calendar gives you a day to celebrate!

So much to share in so little time,
Twenty-eight days or maybe twenty-nine.
Groundhogs, Presidents and Valentines,
Will try to take away your shine!
All these events can steal your show,
And now they’ve added the Superbowl!

So happy birthday to you, who celebrate in month number two!
You keep the winter days bright, with laughter and light.
And truly if we must confess,
To celebrate you is the absolute best! By R.S McDonald

January Birthdays – A Poem

Some time ago in a possible April storm,
A spring night of fun, and then you were born!
Happy New Year! Your exhausted parents cried,
As they dragged the dead Christmas tree finally outside.

Whether your sign is Capricorn or Aquarius,
You started the year off with quite a fuss!
“Im first! Here I am!
My arrival has made this new year grand!”

No pool parties for you, a winter child,
Indoor games and firewood piled.
Hay rides and hot drinks,
Snow forts and skating rinks.
Frosty nights and chilly days
Have become your way to celebrate.

So happy birthday to you the January start
We wish you well from the bottoms of our hearts!
It’s great we get to celebrate you,
It helps to chase away the winter blues!



June Birthdays – A Poem

Long ago in a cool September,
Your parents had a hot night to remember!
Nine months down and now it’s June,
And “Free at Last!” was your mother’s tune!

As a June baby to be free is cool.
Yes! Freedom from class and freedom from school!
You’re free to vacation or just head to the pool.

Do you share a birthday with Old Glory?
Flag Day remembers Betsy Ross’ story.
And wars were fought but freedom won,
So Juneteenth declares slavery undone!

Now the summer days are here again,
With cookouts and reunions with your distant kin.
Oh, the excitement it brings to every tot,
To spend their birthday with this questionable lot!
Why your father’s uncle’s cousin, Pete
Might steal your present and sell it on the street!

On a happier note than Great Aunt Mae,
Your dad scored big for Father’s Day!
Because of you, a new tie he’ll get,
Or start a new project with a shiny new tool set!

You might love diamonds like Marilyn Monroe,
Or balance your budget like Ross Perot.
Be tough like Eastwood through and through,
They’re all June babies just like you!

Summer fun and weddings every week,
Freedom rose with a voice to speak.
But another sound rose loud and strong,
The happy chorus of your birthday song!

So happy birthday to you born in the month of June!
May the freedoms of this month give you lots to do.
We love this month of summer come,
But in our book, your birthday is number one!
Happy Birthday!

April Birthdays – A Poem

April rains bring birth pangs,
At least to your mother long ago.
As the thunder clapped,
The doctor gave you a slap,
Then poked and prodded you from head to toe!

A Spring baby, out you sprung!
Full of life and ready to run.
With flowers to pick and gardens to seed,
You might spend your birthday pulling weeds!

April Fools! That’s just a joke!
But cleaning and planting might get you stoked.
You might love art as many do,
Since Da Vinci and Shakespeare share birthdays with you!

As an April child sports might be your thing,
The Boston Marathon or the “Hey batta Saaa-Wing!”
Track and Field will get you across the the line,
Just take your Benadryl, the pollen count is sure to climb!

Easter is here so dress your best,
Patton leather shoes and Sunday vests.
A birthday on Easter is not hard to take,
A chocolate bunny looks good on birthday cake!

A mid April baby might be singin’ the blues,
As mommy and daddy work on taxes due.

Aries the Ram and Torres the Bull,
Gallup across this month to the full.
We love this beautiful month of surprises,
As fields shake off their winter disguises.

Happy birthday to you born in month number four!
This is the month that Spring opens its door.
Best wishes to you for another year,
May there be spring in your step and much birthday cheer!

August Birthdays – A Poem

August Birthdays
By R.S. McDonald
Your mother was a “Hot Mama” in more ways than one,
Giving birth to you in the hottest month of sun.
Who’d ‘ve thought that cold November night,
Would lead to swollen ankles and sleeping with ice!
But out you came, delivery complete!
Your mama laughed, cuz she could again touch her feet!
As an August baby, you live in the heat.
You love ice cream, popsicles and any frozen treat!
For your birthday, it’s full of summer fun!
Like rope swings and water slides to combat the sun.
Of course the hat and shades in them you must trust,
So you don’t fry your skin in this month of August.
August is full of big news to tell,
Nixon resigned and Columbus set sail
In this month women began to cast their votes
But the Berlin Wall was raised – on a sadder note.
You share your birthday with an adventurous cast.
Like Annie Oakley who could shoot super-fast!
Or Davey Crocket, who could track and scout,
But “Remember the Alamo” also took him out!
But best of all is Orville Wright,
As he and his brother put man in flight!
This is the month of summer late,
Cicadas buzz loud –they gotta find a mate!!
Vacations come with family to meet,
To the beach or the Rockies to escape the heat!
Our gardens are full of summer bounty,
With harvesters preparing their prizes for the County.
But Summer must end as we know it must,
‘Cuz now they start school in the middle of August!
So happy birthday to you born in month number eight!
We lift a cold glass and light up your cake!
Thirty-one days we have, its true.
To celebrate the life and the blessing of you!
Happy Birthday!

July Birthdays – A Poem

Long ago in the second month of summer
Your mother’s birth pains came upon her!
Out you came, “Snap, Crackle, Pop!”
The doctor lunged and you were caught!

Fireworks boomed and the Stars and Stripes waved, a nation  and you were born – Hooray!

This is the birth month of Uncle Sam! So all you Yankee Doodles can party and jam!
We celebrate our country and we celebrate you,                                          Light up the candles and a sparkler or two!

You might be a dare-devil like Tom Cruise,  doing “Missions Impossible” that make the news.  Or break traditions like Princess Di, Who mothered her sons to build family ties. The Nazis expected Carl Lewis to beat, But he took home the Gold, the fastest on his feet! All these July babies stood their ground, proving that freedom should still be around.

With a July birthday, you try to stay cool, play games inside or Marco Polo in the pool. If you canoe down the river with all your friends, Sunscreen and bug spray you must re-apply again. The sun will burn you and the skeeters drain you dry, But life if good in the month of July.

But drink lots of water or its a bummer, because July is in the “dog days of summer”. The fight is on to conserve our water, the grass turns to hay as the sun gets hotter. With poolside parties and home made lemonade, We’ll toast our buns or lounge in the shade.

Summer nights and lightning bugs, starry skies and family hugs. Crickets sing and bull frogs sound, A porch swing squeaks as we share another round.

The lazy days of summer are here, We love the long days and the easy warm cheer. So Happy birthday to you this month of summer haze, May you feel loved and special all your days.

By R.S. McDonald