March Birthdays – A Poem

March Birthdays
Another wedding day in June,
And that brought about the honeymoon!
Ah, the happiest couple you ever did see,
But along came you and made them three!

March! March! March!
A March baby here you come,
Singing your tunes and playing your drums.
You wave goodbye to the winter blues,
And hope the Groundhog spoke the truth!

With a birthday in March,
You hold onto your hat
Cuz’ the wind of rain might knock you flat!
Maybe it’s cold, maybe it’s hot!
Maybe it’s Easter, or maybe it’s not!
Maybe it’s raining, maybe it’s snow,
Just keep your coat and sunscreen ready to go!

It’s in like a lion and out like a lamb.
This month of transition is hard to slam.
First we can party in Mardi Gras style,
With beads and King cake to bring out a smile!
Then shamrocks and leprechauns and Irish pluck,
Bring us green beer, parades and plenty of luck!

Pisces and Aries, this is your month.
Check the weather daily,
Or birthday plans could be sunk!

We love this month of parties to be sure,
And with your birthday too,
We’ll party some more!
Just don’t Spring Forward and lose an hour,
Pick another day for the birthday shower!

So happy birthday to you,
Born in month number three!
The Irish and Catholics have to share, you see.
We love parades and raising our toasts,
But celebrating you is what we love the most!
by – R.S. McDonald

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