January Birthdays – A Poem

Some time ago in a possible April storm,
A spring night of fun, and then you were born!
Happy New Year! Your exhausted parents cried,
As they dragged the dead Christmas tree finally outside.

Whether your sign is Capricorn or Aquarius,
You started the year off with quite a fuss!
“Im first! Here I am!
My arrival has made this new year grand!”

No pool parties for you, a winter child,
Indoor games and firewood piled.
Hay rides and hot drinks,
Snow forts and skating rinks.
Frosty nights and chilly days
Have become your way to celebrate.

So happy birthday to you the January start
We wish you well from the bottoms of our hearts!
It’s great we get to celebrate you,
It helps to chase away the winter blues!



2 thoughts on “January Birthdays – A Poem”

  1. Love this so Much Robin. Thanks for posting. Elena our baby had her birthday yesterday and Bill has a January birthday next week so its a fun poem for me to share with them.
    Much love old friend.

  2. How touching, how sweet and lovely. I also write poems. I am a January babe, as well as my 3rd granddaughter. It is a special time we share on the same Jan. 12, date. I want to write a poem for ‘our’ upcoming celebration. You are so inspirational in your writings. Keep it up. Take care and share.

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