December Birthdays

December Birthdays
By R.S. McDonald
A March Wind blew and Spring fever brewed,
Between your parents that stormy night.
Now its December, a month to remember
How you made their season bright!
“What Child is This?” the choir sang
As you played the star role in the manger scene!
And “Oh Holy Night!” were not the words I fear,
That your mother uttered as you screamed 3am tears!
 As a Christmas child you are surrounded by cheer,
As winter activities kick into high gear.
You might build a snowman to celebrate your date,
Or race your friends across a frozen lake!
A slumber party might be your thing, with hot chili, pillow fights
And ghost story themes.
December birthdays run on imagination, you see,
With Jane Asten, Beethoven and even Walt Disney!
They lived to create, they wanted something more,
Inspired this month by a Child adored.
The closer your birthday is to Christmas, it’s true,
The more your gifts are wrapped in tinsel and tissue!
A December child LOVES a birthday cake, with birthday paper,
And birthday plates!
No elf on a shelf or Hanukkah dreidel.
Only birthday gifts on the birthday table!
So happy birthday to you born in month number twelve,
We’ll toast our egg nog and toss up our elves,!
To celebrate you the last but not least,
To finish our year in joy, and happy birthday peace!
Happy Birthday!

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