July Birthdays – A Poem

Long ago in the second month of summer
Your mother’s birth pains came upon her!
Out you came, “Snap, Crackle, Pop!”
The doctor lunged and you were caught!

Fireworks boomed and the Stars and Stripes waved, a nation  and you were born – Hooray!

This is the birth month of Uncle Sam! So all you Yankee Doodles can party and jam!
We celebrate our country and we celebrate you,                                          Light up the candles and a sparkler or two!

You might be a dare-devil like Tom Cruise,  doing “Missions Impossible” that make the news.  Or break traditions like Princess Di, Who mothered her sons to build family ties. The Nazis expected Carl Lewis to beat, But he took home the Gold, the fastest on his feet! All these July babies stood their ground, proving that freedom should still be around.

With a July birthday, you try to stay cool, play games inside or Marco Polo in the pool. If you canoe down the river with all your friends, Sunscreen and bug spray you must re-apply again. The sun will burn you and the skeeters drain you dry, But life if good in the month of July.

But drink lots of water or its a bummer, because July is in the “dog days of summer”. The fight is on to conserve our water, the grass turns to hay as the sun gets hotter. With poolside parties and home made lemonade, We’ll toast our buns or lounge in the shade.

Summer nights and lightning bugs, starry skies and family hugs. Crickets sing and bull frogs sound, A porch swing squeaks as we share another round.

The lazy days of summer are here, We love the long days and the easy warm cheer. So Happy birthday to you this month of summer haze, May you feel loved and special all your days.

By R.S. McDonald