February Birthdays – A Poem

February Birthdays
Your parents had a hay day
Sometime close to May Day
And so you arrived in the month of love.

Chocolate and roses, cards and propose-ez,
Make you all warm right down to your toes-ez.

But February breezes, could cause you to sneeze-ez,
So sweaters and boots make up your birthday suit!

All you February babies
Be proud as you can be,
For you stand straight and tall with the Presidents, you see.

George, Abe and Reagan,
Kept Old Glory from fadin’.
So be proud you sit in the shade of these fellows,
But maybe it’s just the Groundhog casting his shadow!

But a February date, you must be quick to stake!
For every fourth year, a leap you must make.
But what a happy child at 4 and 8,
When the calendar gives you a day to celebrate!

So much to share in so little time,
Twenty-eight days or maybe twenty-nine.
Groundhogs, Presidents and Valentines,
Will try to take away your shine!
All these events can steal your show,
And now they’ve added the Superbowl!

So happy birthday to you, who celebrate in month number two!
You keep the winter days bright, with laughter and light.
And truly if we must confess,
To celebrate you is the absolute best! By R.S McDonald

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