Winged Horse of Heaven: Taken -- The Raneous Chronicles Book 3 by R.S. McDonald

Also available in paperback.

Winged Horse of Heaven: Taken is the third book of The Raneous Chronicles and continues the adventures of Raneous, the beloved winged horse of heaven and his friends in a snowy winter tale. An urgent message of Roslyn’s mysterious kidnapping sends Raneous and Brian rushing to the city of Livia in the dead of winter. They have only one clue, found in only one place — the town of Talla high in the Jovan Mountains, fiercely defended by skilled warriors. Why would Tallans kidnap Roslyn — or anyone for that matter? Heavily supplied for the cold journey, Raneous, Brian, Lord Myran and Rhyse head into the frozen north in search of answers, but dark forces are at work. They soon find that Roslyn is not all that the enemy has taken!

Praises for Winged Horse of Heaven: Taken

“Raneous, The Winged Horse of Heaven and the friends of the Brightlands confront mortal peril and evil. A small, seemingly harmless deception by one girl opens the door for her to be Taken and for everyone she loves to be plunged into dire, unintended consequences. This is the compelling story of the heroism needed to set things right.” Bob Rannells

“R.S. McDonald’s vibrant imagination and fast paced storyline moves us quickly forward from character to character, plot to plot, and scene to scene — all creatively intertwining. Raneous, Brian and fellow warriors become wiser, more discerning, and more skillful as they go from assignment to assignment fighting against the various personalities and schemes of evil for the High King. It keeps us wanting MORE—Book 4 please!” Suzanne Harrington