April Birthdays – A Poem

April rains bring birth pangs,
At least to your mother long ago.
As the thunder clapped,
The doctor gave you a slap,
Then poked and prodded you from head to toe!

A Spring baby, out you sprung!
Full of life and ready to run.
With flowers to pick and gardens to seed,
You might spend your birthday pulling weeds!

April Fools! That’s just a joke!
But cleaning and planting might get you stoked.
You might love art as many do,
Since Da Vinci and Shakespeare share birthdays with you!

As an April child sports might be your thing,
The Boston Marathon or the “Hey batta Saaa-Wing!”
Track and Field will get you across the the line,
Just take your Benadryl, the pollen count is sure to climb!

Easter is here so dress your best,
Patton leather shoes and Sunday vests.
A birthday on Easter is not hard to take,
A chocolate bunny looks good on birthday cake!

A mid April baby might be singin’ the blues,
As mommy and daddy work on taxes due.

Aries the Ram and Torres the Bull,
Gallup across this month to the full.
We love this beautiful month of surprises,
As fields shake off their winter disguises.

Happy birthday to you born in month number four!
This is the month that Spring opens its door.
Best wishes to you for another year,
May there be spring in your step and much birthday cheer!

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