“May Birthdays” – A Poem

May Day! May Day!
Your Mother ran,
“This Baby’s dropping,
Catch it if you can!”

You’re a May child born in the month of bloom!
The roses, the lilies, the bluebonnets too.
Lambs in the field, foals in the stall,
Everywhere you look new life for all.
Surrounded by mothers of every sort,
A Mother’s Day queen with you in their court!

But don’t forget that Mexico beat France!
So on Cinco de Mayo we can party and dance.
The May Pole is old so Cinco Mayo will do,
To drink an extra beer or a margarita or two.

Maybe your birthday is at the races,
With horses or cars keeping their paces.
A Derby hat and roses won, the Indy 500, or a marathon.

A May Fest is also a popular place.
With art galore and food to taste.
But watch the weather and head for home,
When the sky starts throwing giant hailstones!

Races and festivals sure have their fun,
but you share your birthday with three BIG GUNS!
John Wayne, the Duke, he was True Grit
And Calamity Jane could shoot and not miss,
Just these two could make you talk,
But number three is Wild Bill Hickok!

Taurus the Bull runs the month half in,
With the month ending in Gemini twins.
But before its done we must remember well,
The Veterans who died and their stories to tell.

So happy birthday to you born in month number five,
We love to celebrate this month of life!
Races and festivals are fun its true,
But the best party of all is to celebrate you!
Happy Birthday

By R.S. McDonald