Winter Blues

The beautiful holiday season is over, though the tree is still up, and a big “blue norther” is shaking my windows as I attempt to type with gloves on. Resolutions are made but not really acted upon yet. This time of year is always a little blue – back to work, back to school, back to schedules without all the pretty lights. I know most people can relate at some level, so I decided to blog about it.

How do I battle the post Christmas blues?

1. I drink lots of hot fluid! Teas are great because many of them are actually good for you and can help you stay well. They are low in calories and since I ate too many of those in December I’m trying to cut back!

2. I get in touch with what God is saying about 2015. I can really get excited about new beginnings. Those people who have a prophetic gift are usually who I check in with. My pastor, Keith Craft, is saying its a year of Empowerment. National prophet, Kim Clement, is saying its a year of Freedom for God’s people-particularly in the area of dept. Chuck Pierce is also speaking of Freedom from old ways. All of this helps me focus on the hope of my future and it motivates me to seek the presence of God for myself to attempt to apply these big ideas to my little life. These big concepts actually motivate me and urge me forward into this new year in spite of the dropping thermometer and the primal urge to store up fat for the winter and sleep til Spring.

3. Yes, I am getting my behind back to the gym because though I want to hibernate, it’s exercise that fights the doldrums and keeps me in my clothes size! I feel better both mentally and physically.

4. I actually can look out my window and see all the gray clouds and brown dead grass and feel as grey as they look, but if I am smart, I will look for the beauty, and I always find it. For instance, I was driving home this morning and saw about 15 starling black birds bathing in a puddle. I looked at the temperature in my car, 34 degrees. Its barely above freezing and they are happily splashing away in the water like its no big deal! I think, “Wow God! How do they do that?” And it makes me smile; I can always find God in nature because even with just a little observation you see His Glory. Find a positive to battle the negative. In fact, the whole “Be Grateful” thing is actually very true because its very hard to be grateful and depressed at the same time. I have tested it and it works.

5. If you can, go play in the snow! Its hard to find in August and it brings back cool memories when you feel your brain may be bordering heat stroke later this year.

So, that’s my two cents worth on beating the Winter Blues. May you stay warm and cozy during this next cold snap!