August Birthdays – A Poem

August Birthdays
By R.S. McDonald
Your mother was a “Hot Mama” in more ways than one,
Giving birth to you in the hottest month of sun.
Who’d ‘ve thought that cold November night,
Would lead to swollen ankles and sleeping with ice!
But out you came, delivery complete!
Your mama laughed, cuz she could again touch her feet!
As an August baby, you live in the heat.
You love ice cream, popsicles and any frozen treat!
For your birthday, it’s full of summer fun!
Like rope swings and water slides to combat the sun.
Of course the hat and shades in them you must trust,
So you don’t fry your skin in this month of August.
August is full of big news to tell,
Nixon resigned and Columbus set sail
In this month women began to cast their votes
But the Berlin Wall was raised – on a sadder note.
You share your birthday with an adventurous cast.
Like Annie Oakley who could shoot super-fast!
Or Davey Crocket, who could track and scout,
But “Remember the Alamo” also took him out!
But best of all is Orville Wright,
As he and his brother put man in flight!
This is the month of summer late,
Cicadas buzz loud –they gotta find a mate!!
Vacations come with family to meet,
To the beach or the Rockies to escape the heat!
Our gardens are full of summer bounty,
With harvesters preparing their prizes for the County.
But Summer must end as we know it must,
‘Cuz now they start school in the middle of August!
So happy birthday to you born in month number eight!
We lift a cold glass and light up your cake!
Thirty-one days we have, its true.
To celebrate the life and the blessing of you!
Happy Birthday!

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